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Certified results


Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced at performing physical assessments.  Our physical assessments are comprehensive and standardized - when comparing results from other athletes around the country, you can be confident that they were tested under similar conditions.  We use state of the art testing equipment, including Zybek Sports laser timing systems--the same equipment used at the NFL Combine!  We take every measure to make sure that assessment results are reliable, accurate, and verifiable.  When a college coach views your results from MAXX Combines, they can be assured that they are not inflated or distorted.  That's our guarantee!

the maxx score


Upon completion of your physical assessments, you will be ranked in each test according to the results of other high school and college athletes in your sport. The MAXX score will not only allow you to compare yourself to other athletes, but it will show you which areas you are strong in, and which areas need additional work.


Click below to see how your MAXX Score compares to the results of other high school and college athletes in your sport.

the maxx report


The MAXX Report provides the results of all high school athletes in a particular sport who are tested at our combines. Athletes and their parents will be able to see the names, state, graduation year, testing location, and results for the physical assessments.


In the MAXX Report that is available to college coaches, additional information will be provided.  This information includes:



Phone Number

Email Address

Sport-Specific Information

Academic Information

Date of Birth

Graduation Year

High School

Travel Team

Testing Location


Upon completion of each combine event, we will email EVERY college coach in the United States a link that will allow them to view player profile information, player contact information, and results from the physical assessments.  This access for college coaches will be FREE for an UNLIMITED period of time.  Combine participants are free to send college coaches this link that will allow the coaches to view your individual player profile and information.

Public access to the MAXX report
College coach access to the MAXX report
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