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about us

Welcome to MAXX Combines, a company that specializes in providing the best assessment-based combine testing for today’s college-bound athletes.  We believe in keeping our company’s focus on the athlete--we strive to provide the most resources and benefits to the athletes and their parents in our assessment packages. Our qualified staff are here to assist players and parents maneuver through the complex nature of collegiate athletics and the recruiting process.  ​


Our combines and assessment packages are currently available for athletes in football, baseball, and softball. We provide an option for individual and small group assessments that are performed at our facility. We will also be testing athletes at various tournaments, showcases, camps, and other events around the country. We can even set up a combine event for your team, organization, or league! Our combine option allows your event or organization to earn income when you host an event!!

If you are interested in having a combine at an event that you are hosting, or if you would like to test the athletes within your team, organization, or league, please visit our Events page to learn more.

​Our combines offer the following benefits to athletes and their parents:


Testing in a variety of standardized physical assessments that provide important information to college coaches.


Individual personality profiling and mental strength assessment. FREE access to the Sport Success 360° educational program.


A MAXX Score - compares your testing results to other athletes in your sport at the high school and college level.


The MAXX Report - provides the results of all high school athletes in your sport who are tested at our combines.


Player profile with your physical testing results, your personality and mental performance assessment results, sport-specific information, academic information, and contact information. This profile is accessible to college coaches at any time. We send out an email to ALL college coaches in your sport following each combine event!



why maxx combines?


Our staff is knowledgeable about running a combine event and performing the physical assessments.  Our staff also has experience with coaching and recruiting at the collegiate level. Visit our Staff page to learn more about the MAXX Combines team.


Our physical assessments are comprehensive and standardized - when comparing results from other athletes around the country, you can be confident that they were tested under similar conditions.  Learn more about our certified results!


We use state of the art testing equipment, including Zybek Sports laser timing systems--the same equipment used at the NFL Combine!


Our assessments are made to be quick and efficient--from registration to testing, the entire process takes about 30 minutes.


Our services and assessment packages are cost effective!


Parents and athletes receive valuable information and tools in addition to the results of their physical assessments.


We have access to every college coach in the United States in your sport, and they will be notified of results following every combine event!

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